Naturopathic Traditions
Torri Chapman
Doctor of Naturopathy

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Located in the upstairs Wellness Med Spa (above Natural View Market)

128 W. Main St

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How Naturopathy Can Help

Traditional Naturopathy focuses on optimizing your lifestyle and preventing disease. Clients are coached on how applying natural lifestyle methods can enable the body's own innate healing abilities. We optimize nutrition, stimulate the removal of toxins, open detoxification pathways and nourish organs and glands. This restores homeostasis and brings your body to another level of health. An array of illnesses can drastically improve and may even be eliminated such as: diabetes, blood pressure imbalances, over/under-weight, reproductive issues, ADD/hyperactivity, anxiety/depression, digestive issues, cramping, inflammation, bacteria/parasites/viruses and much more.



Torri Chapman is a Board Certified Doctor of Naturopathy through the American Naturopathic Medical Association. She received her education through Trinity School of Natural Health, and also holds certification as a Natural Health Professional and Health Specialist. Torri is passionate about building a strong base foundation that is crucial to sustainable health. She believes each person is made up of their own unique specifics and should be cared for in whole. Her focus encompasses lifestyle and the layers that need to be addressed to optimize true health and healing.

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Naturopathic Traditions

Located in the Wellness Med Spa (upstairs Natural View Market)

128 W Main St

Brighton, MI 48116


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