True healing is a process, as every body has its own individually unique story.
Making a commitment to YOU is how we create lasting, positive change. 
Together we bring balance back!

  • Full Evaluation - $450

4 Appointment Package


Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis, pH Test, Nutrition Therapy, Iridology, and Bach Flower Therapy. 1 free custom Bach remedy

1: Initial consultation, hair sample- 1 hr

2: Hair lab results - 1 hr

3: Follow up, progress 

4: Follow up, progress

  • Nutrition Therapy - $250

3 Appointment Package


A personalized nutrition plan for full body optimization. Includes 20 custom recipes, meal plan and food log. 

1: Initial consultation- 1 hr

2: Follow up, progress

3: Follow up, progress

  • Additional Follow Up - 1/2 hr  $50

*Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis= A small hair sample is taken and sent to a laboratory for testing. A comprehensive report is provided showing specific levels macro & micro minerals, and heavy metals. 

*pH Test= A sample of saliva and urine are tested to reflect the acidity or alkalinity of the body. pH balance is intimately related to minerals and how they function in the body. 

*Bach Flower Therapy= Imbalances in our emotional state and chronic stress can seriously effect our health. It contributes to, and can even create, ailments and dis-ease. This method investigates what those imbalances may be and offers a specific Flower Essence blend to restore harmony.

*Iridology= Analysis of the iris revealing deficiencies, toxicities and imbalances that may have developed in the body over time.

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